Unlocking the Potential of Woodworking: Explore our comprehensive services to see how Sac River Timbers can make your dreams come to life

Custom Lumber Milling

Utilizing our Peterson Saw Mill we can cut with precision any of your custom lumber needs. Whether you need dimensional lumber cut from one of our your logs or need a lumber slab for that unique table, we’ve got you covered

Kiln Dried Lumber

With our iDry Vacuum Kiln we can dry green lumber to optimal moisture levels in as little as seven days. This drastically reduces the typical waiting period for kiln dried lumber and we do it all in house!

Custom Woodworking

Our fully equipped woodshop paired with our experience can produce the idea you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t have your own lumber? No worries, we can provide the lumber needed to bring your idea to life.

Custom Wood Engraving

Our shop is equipped with a Shopbot CNC that utilizes a 5’x10′ working table. This means we can 3D carve or engrave wood from whatever idea you can dream up. This is a state of the art machine that can provide unlimited opportunities!